Therapy Services

Prompt support,
profound care

In the realm of mental health, ongoing support is key.

Our therapy services are designed with this in mind, ensuring your team receives the care they need, when they need it.

Transformative therapy,
tailored support

At Wellbeing Solutions, we recognise the importance of sustained support beyond our EAP service.

Our Therapy Services are crafted to provide wider support and ongoing care, ensuring your team’s mental health is continuously supported.

Whether you are addressing complex mental health issues, require specialist services (CBT, EMDR), or looking to arrange supportive check-ins for your team – we have the answer!

Key Features

Our service offers

All of our Therapy Services are personalised to meet the unique challenges faced by each individual.

Understanding the need for accessibility, our solutions include flexible delivery methods including on-site, via video, or phone.

Managed Counselling

An on demand tool for managers and HR to arrange ad hoc counselling for specific employees.

Enhanced Psychological

Deeper psychological support and specialist therapies, addressing more complex mental health issues.

On-site Drop-In
Counselling Sessions

Easily accessible mental health support within your workplace allows employees to seek immediate, confidential counselling.

Seeking Therapy Solutions?

Whether it’s for individual support or a workplace initiative, our therapy services are tailored to meet your needs.

Reach out to us using the form and discover how our professional, empathetic approach can make a positive difference.

Let’s work together to foster wellbeing and resilience.

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