Workplace Neurodiversity

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Unlock hidden potential with our neurodiversity assessments, screening and training services to enhance inclusivity and productivity.

Neurodiversity Assessments

Understanding uniqueness,
fostering inclusion

A changing landscape

Neurodiversity awareness in the workplace is at an all time high, as organisation’s recognise that neurodiverse individuals bring unique perspectives and skills that are invaluable.

Challenges for employers

Many businesses struggle to effectively attract, retain, and integrate neurodiverse talent.

Without understanding and support, the potential of these individuals often remains untapped.

Our solution

Our services are dedicated to embracing and nurturing neurodiversity in the workplace.

We unlock the hidden potential of neurodiverse individuals, enhancing productivity, creativity, and overall employee wellbeing.

Neurodiversity Support

Key Features

Our service offers

Our specialist services are designed to identify and support the unique needs of neurodivergent individuals, and enhance understanding, acceptance, and integration of diverse cognitive styles and abilities.

Both our in-depth individual assessments and engaging group training sessions are tailored to meet a variety of needs, ensuring seamless integration into your existing workplace diversity and inclusion strategies.

Neurodiversity Screening
and Diagnostics

Recognised tests to help if an individual has a neurodivergent condition.

Neurodiverse Workplace
Needs Assessment

An assessment and report to help identify any adjustments that would improve an individual’s working life.

Neurodiversity Awareness

Foster an inclusive workplace by enhancing understanding and appreciation of neurodiversity.

Unlocking true potential

Help change the lives of your team.

Embrace Neurodiversity in Your Workplace

Discover the strengths within neurodiversity.

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