Mental Health Training

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Tailored to meet the unique needs of your team, our Mental Health Training bridges knowledge gaps, creating a more empathetic, supportive work environment.

Mental Health First Aid

Build understanding
break stigma

The risks of untrained workplaces

Not carrying out Mental Health First Aid training can be a costly oversight, resulting in increased absenteeism, diminished productivity, and a culture where stress goes unaddressed, potentially leading to higher turnover and lower staff morale.

A proactive approach

Equipping individuals with mental health training builds upon an existing support structures such as EAP, enabling MHFA trained managers to signpost staff, preventing burnout and absenteeism.

Our solution

We’ve designed our services to meet these mental health needs head-on. From proactive training and awareness programs to responsive support and intervention, we help build workplaces where employees thrive.

Our wellbeing training topics include

Workplace Mental Health Courses

Captivating, educational and engaging

Mental Health Awareness Sessions

Interactive and informative sessions designed to increase awareness and understanding of a variety of mental health themes.

MHFA Courses

Equipping ‘Mental Health Champions’ with skills to support mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Bespoke MHFA Training

Customised training tailored to meet the specific needs and context of your organisation.

Suicide Prevention Courses

Specialised training courses focused on suicide prevention, supporting individuals at risk.

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How our training has transformed teams

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