Critical Incident Support

Rapid clinical
trauma support

Critical incidents are unexpected and often devastating for staff, leading to distress, anxiety, and trauma.

Critical Incident and Trauma Counselling

Time is of the essence

Acting in a timely manner is crucial following a traumatic workplace event. We’re here to offer you clinically led, guided, professional support every step of the way.

We’ve built a reputation for delivering rapid support, often within 24 hours of an event taking place.

Our range of tailored critical incident solutions vary based upon how your team have been affected. Knowing which solution is best for your staff can sometimes be difficult, so we recommend speaking to a member of our team who can offer guidance and support.

Rapid, On-site
Group Counselling

Our rapid on-site critical incident counsellors can be on site within 24 hours of an event taking place.

Emergency Critical
Incident Helpline

A helpline enabling staff to confidentially call and arrange counselling support on demand.

One to One Trauma

Arrange either on-site or virtual support for specific colleagues or teams who have experienced trauma.

Speak to our team now if you require immediate assistance.

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Need Immediate Support?

Facing a critical incident can be challenging.

If you need expert, compassionate assistance right away, we’re here to help.

Contact us using the form to your right for rapid, professional support. Our team is prepared to respond with the care and expertise your situation demands.

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