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Understanding Workplace Mental Health

The ultimate HR mental health strategy

Learn everything you need to know about workplace mental health.

Specialist Mental Health Services

Clinical support
when its needed most

Stepping beyond our renowned EAP, we’ve tapped into decades of specialist experience in the UK to curate a suite of tailored solutions. Each service isn’t just about addressing immediate challenges; it’s about aligning with the evolving dynamics of your workplace.

With Wellbeing Solutions, you’re not just opting for another provider; you’re partnering with a trusted guide, ready to navigate the intricate landscape of mental health with you.

Enhancing EAP Effectiveness

Drive awareness,
amplify wellbeing

An EAP is your foundation, but like any structure, it’s fortified by its complementary components.

Equip managers with training, integrate mental health first aid into the workplace, ensure those impacted by critical incidents are supported, and embrace the diverse minds with our neurodiversity assessments.

The result? An EAP that doesn’t just function, but thrives, turning every challenge into a stepping stone. Together, we create a tapestry of wellbeing that’s both intricate and robust.

Trained managers are 3 times more likely to refer a colleague to the EAP

Mental Health workshops can result in a 23% increase in EAP utilisation

35% of managers desire basic training in mental health conditions

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