020 7708 5000


020 7708 5000

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Enhancing Wellbeing, One Person at a Time

  • Unrivalled accessibility to mental health support

  • 24/7 UK-based counselling helpline

  • Tailored counselling sessions and care

    Boost your team's wellbeing with Wellbeing Solutions – the UK's longest-standing EAP provider.

    We take a personal approach when supporting mental health, with EAP plans that are thoughtfully customised to meet your specific needs.

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    What is a Wellbeing Solutions EAP?

    An EAP is your team's 24/7 ally in mental health, supporting employees and their immediate families.

    This essential benefit offers confidential support to your team when dealing with personal and professional struggles.

    As the UK’s longest-standing provider, we understand that the heart of your business is your people.

    Our EAP has been clinically crafted over 20 years to nurture and support your team's mental wellbeing.

    What makes our EAP stand out?

    24/7 UK-based
    Easy access to
    usage reports
    Flexible 12, 36
    & 60 month
    Access support
    and employee
    rewards via App
    Users guaranteed
    a full hour of

    Our service is founded on industry best practice

    Ready to revolutionise how you deliver employee mental health?

    Enhancing Wellbeing, One Person at a Time

    Take the first step on a journey towards enhanced mental health support.

    Request a hassle-free and no-obligation free consultation today.

    Together, let’s discover how our customised solutions can revitalise your employees’ mental wellbeing.