A Unique Service

At Wellbeing Solutions, we uniquely specialise in providing counselling services and other mental health therapies to members of benevolent funds, and charitable organisations. Building upon our 20-years’ experience providing employer-led services to staff, we’ve developed a standout service, tailored to the needs of these organisations which differs operationally to a conventional EAP.

Benevolent funds we work with

An increasing number of benevolent funds and welfare associations are now looking to provide counselling support to their members. Research shows that the demand for mental health support is increasing for beneficiaries and their families.

At Wellbeing Solutions, we are experienced at tailoring our services to meet the exact requirements, culture, language and context of each benevolent fund that we work with.

We will work with you to carefully design your counselling and mental health support services. The following elements can be tailored to your organisation:

  • You can choose what you call the service, how you position it and how this is communicated to your beneficiaries.
  • Tailor how you offer confidential self-referral through our 24/7 contact centre or online, with a bespoke 0800 number or unique URL.
  • A dedicated clinical support manager can work with your team in order to ensure our managed referral services are incorporated into your processes.
  • Choose the therapy models that are most appropriate for your members. This can either be the traditional EAP six counselling session model, or can be a longer course of counselling if specialist therapies such as CBT are to be offered. Our experienced in-house clinical team will always be there to support both your beneficiaries and colleagues in your organisation needing support and advice.

Please contact us to find out how we can help your organisation deliver a new counselling and mental health package to your members.

Clinical expertise and administrative efficiency

“The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund has worked with Wellbeing Solutions for over three years. We have gradually expanded the range of counselling and mental health services that they provide to our community. We’ve recently expanded the listening and advice service to include serving RAF personnel, alongside beneficiaries and their families. We value the clinical expertise and the administrative efficiency of the Wellbeing Solutions team and would wholeheartedly recommend them to any other benevolent fund wanting to incorporate a counselling and mental health service to their members.”

Alison Weinman, RAFBF, Head of Welfare Services

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