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A proactive approach to workplace mental health

At Wellbeing Solutions, our approach to workplace mental health combines confidential employee EAP self-referral, with proactive HR-Led support. This allows your staff to seek help whenever needed, and facilitates your organisation to arrange a variety of mental health services on demand.


Our range of HR-Led services have been developed with you in mind, and are offered separately to our EAP packages. This mental health toolkit is available to all employers, both existing EAP customers or any organisation seeking an off-the-shelf mental health support for their staff.


Ensure staff receive the support they need


38% increased engagement

We find that organisations who adopt a proactive approach to workplace mental health witness not only higher levels of EAP engagement, but also less absenteeism and workplace stress.

Whether it’s empowering managers with mental health training to spot when colleagues are struggling or raising awareness of mental health more broadly through webinars, our range of services can contribute to your organisation adopting a more holistic approach to workplace wellbeing.


What our customers say about us

  • Having worked with Wellbeing Solutions for over 10 years, we now rely on them for all our employee assistance requirements. Initially our need was for a specialist provider of quality rapid response critical incident support services, but over the years we have expanded our relationship to offer the EAP to our UK colleagues and those overseas. The EAP has also been integrated into our broader employee relations strategy and change management mechanisms in place to support colleagues.
    Mick Moran
    Head of Employee Relations William Hill
  • With over 4,000 employees, Nottingham Trent University requires a responsive and high quality EAP and mental health partner. Our staff work in particularly stressful environments, and in the current crisis this expert support has never been in greater demand. Access to quality, HR initiated specialist therapies, is highly valued by our team, and we make frequent referrals for employee specific support.
    Claire Bell
    Head of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing Nottingham Trent University
  • As the U.K.'s leading provider of integrated occupational health and associated absence management wellbeing programmes, Medigold-Health works with a variety of best in class expert partners who share our passion for quality, innovation and outstanding customer service. For over 10 years, Wellbeing Solutions has proved to be a reliable and valued strategic partner, supporting the EAP requirements of many of our most important customers. When flexibility, quality, and a rapid response are needed, Wellbeing Solutions continues to be one of our most valued and important strategic partners.
    Alex Goldsmith
    CEO Medigold Health
  • Costco’s trading environment now more fast-paced and challenging than ever before. We moved to Wellbeing Solutions because they uniquely understand our commercial and business objectives, and consistently deliver a service that meets our demanding business requirements. We also heavily rely on Wellbeing Solutions for a variety of specialist support services linked to our PMI and return to work programmes.
    Sue Knowles
    Operations & Marketing Director Costco
  • The London Borough of Newham services one of the most culturally diverse, economically challenging, and rich and rewarding communities in the UK. Our teams face daily challenges in carrying out their responsibilities to our local community and residents. Wellbeing Solutions supports us by providing mental health training, resilience support, wellbeing awareness, critical incident and EAP services. We value their passion for quality, value for money and professional approach.
    Nimisha Patel
    Senior Human Resources Consultant London Borough of Newham
  • As a campaigning charity, 38 Degrees needs partners who share our values for quality, integrity and value. In addition to supporting our staff round-the-clock via a 24/7 EAP helpline, we also rely on Wellbeing Solutions to deliver specialist mental health resilience training to our teams in challenging roles. It’s important that charities have the same access to wellbeing and staff support services as do better resourced private sector companies. In partnership with Wellbeing Solutions, we are confident that we offer the best support, at an affordable price.
    Jana Matyskova
    Executive Assistant 38 Degrees


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