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What is EAP?

Building a thriving, positive and productive workplace

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is an innovation in employee wellness and an asset to any forward-thinking organisation. Rooted in the belief that a company’s greatest strength is its people, an EAP offers confidential, multifaceted support for employees’ mental and emotional health.

EAPs offer counselling, stress management, and work- life balance strategies. The aim? To address personal or work-related issues that might impact an employee’s performance, health, and wellbeing.

Workplace Mental Health

How we make a difference

With a Wellbeing Solutions EAP, you’re investing in employee happiness, resulting in a thriving, positive, and productive workplace.

Our EAP is a commitment to employee wellness and a vibrant work culture. It acts as a trusted friend, a helping hand, and a wise counsellor, assisting employees to navigate life’s challenges, enhancing their productivity, and ultimately, their happiness.

It’s more than just a benefit – it’s a testament to the fact that a company truly values its people.

Counselling Sessions

Every employee who uses our EAP is guaranteed a scheduled counselling session up to 50 minutes

Usage Reporting
on all Plans

All customers receive detailed EAP usage reports regardless of employee headcount

Flexible 12-month

We offer a range of flexible contract options ranging from 12, 36 and 60-month terms

Wellbeing Solutions

Your mental health toolkit

What’s included?

24/7 Counselling & Advice Helpline

Wellness & Physical Health Advice

Managers' Advice Helpline & Referrals

Discounts & Perks for Staff

Mental Health First Aid Training

Driving EAP Awareness

6 Counselling Sessions

Counselling Referrals

Mental Health Awareness Webinars

Family Members Included

Choosing an EAP

The ultimate EAP
buyer’s guide

Learn everything you need to know about EAP in business.

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Wellbeing Solutions?

As an independent family business established in 2001, we’ve spent over two decades perfecting a balance of personal touch and professional service, ensuring each of our clients feels valued and heard.

Our close-knit team offers a warm, personalised alternative to larger providers. At Wellbeing Solutions, you’re not just another customer – you’re an integral part of our journey.

Choose us, and experience a truly personalised EAP provider that places your employees’ wellbeing at the heart of what we do.

Customer centric approach
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Help change the lives of your team.

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