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Welcome to our wholesale EAP Partners Programme. If you’re looking for ‘Wellbeing Solutions’ designed with your clients in mind, then you’re in the right place!

EAP Specialists

Why partner with
Wellbeing Solutions?

We offer partnership organisations access to a white-labelled Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and a range of specialist mental health services.

Strengthen your service offering today by teaming up with the UK’s largest independent provider of mental health support services.

Expand Your Offering

Diversify your services and scope with an embedded, holistic, best in calls mental health solution.

Strengthen Client Bonds

Enhance client satisfaction and retention by providing a subscription-based, embedded wellbeing service.

Low Risk, High Potential

Our service fully adheres to industry best practice, offering partners a low-risk, scalable solution.

Tailored & Bespoke

Our partnership approach

Organisations we partner with include:

Respecting your Relationships

We always respect your commercial contracts and relationships with your customers. We also take your lead on how much direct contact you would like us to have with your customers.

Developed Through Industry Best Practice

Ready to forge a partnership?

Become a partner and unlock a world of possibilities, where your success is our mission.

Don’t just partner with any EAP provider – choose a team that adds a dash of fun to every collaboration.

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