Enable your team to confidently return to the workplace

Most employers are now planning some form of a phased return to the workplace. Alongside your logistical and scheduling preparations, proactively addressing the mental health aspects of this process should be a key aspect of your return to the workplace plan.

We can help you manage these challenges:

  • Reassuring staff feeling anxious about travelling and returning to the workplace
  • Training for employees on recognising and respecting differing levels of “Covid Anxiety” amongst their colleagues
  • Preparing you managers on what to expect and advice on how to recognise and respond to anxiety and unease

To compliment your EAP and other mental health support services you have in place, we recommend additional, pro-active, targeted activity to help your staff and managers through this challenging next phase. We offer these specially formulated options:

Webinars for Staff

A comprehensive mental health awareness presentation focused on returning to the workplace. Contents includes:

  • Defining and explaining mental health
  • Acknowledging the “Covid anxiety spectrum”
  • Respecting and accommodating others feelings and concerns
  • Building personal resilience and mindfulness techniques
  • A reminder about the 24/7 EAP counselling and advice helpline service.

Training for Managers

Delivered as either interactive Zoom sessions, or webinar presentations, a 1-hour training session for your managers on what to expect and how to support their teams’ mental health. Contents includes:

  • Discussing mental health in a post-lock-down workplace context
  • Help with incorporating mental health into your overall R-T-W planning
  • Briefing managers on addressing the “Covid anxiety spectrum”
  • Help with creating an “anxiety aware” working environment
  • A briefing on the EAP and other HR-led mental health services available


  • Our webinars for staff and our Managers Training sessions (Zoom or webinar) are normally priced at £580.00
  • As a valued EAP customer, we can offer all of these online presentations (Zoom or webinar) at a reduced rate of £380.00 per session
  • We can deliver all this content as on-site / in-person sessions (for staff and managers) – all priced at £580.00 per session.

Next Steps:

  1. Talk to our experienced team for more information
  2. Every session we provide is tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements
  3. We can deliver a one-off presentation, or a series targeted to specific teams within your organisation

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