COVID-19 & Mental Health: Tailored Support for Staff

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is affecting everyone’s mental health in one way or another. As we all prepare for a difficult winter ahead, employers are looking for effective and pro-active ways to support their employees facing a variety of mental health challenges.

Wellbeing Solutions Management (WSM) offers a flexible and targeted range of mental health support presentations to bolster the resilience and wellbeing of individual employees and teams.  We offer two delivery options, either via Zoom or Webinar:

1. Interactive video support session for teams of up to 15
2. Mental health and resilience webinar for up to 150 employees


Flexible content to suit your requirements

Every mental health support session we deliver is carefully tailored to address both work-related and personal challenges staff may face.  Before the session takes place, you will have a briefing call with our Clinical Manager to ensure we fully understand your requirements. This enables us to tailor the content of your session to the needs of your staff.

Themes that we cover include:

Building Personal Resilience:

    Looking after our own mental health in times of crisis
    Understanding how trauma affects us and those around us
    How to turn off, unwind and unpack harrowing events
    Coping with self-isolation in times of stress and uncertainty

Work Related Support:

    Supporting teams dealing with traumatic situations in their job roles
    Building team and personal resilience to cope with traumatic incidents
    Emotional resilience when facing life-threatening situations (i.e. virus exposure)
    Coaching and support for managers and team leaders


Service Details:

    These sessions can be provided for close-knit teams of up to 15, or to groups of up to 150
    We can deliver these as a one-off, or as a series, to support many teams over a period of time
    These sessions are delivered by our most highly qualified and specialist counsellors


1. Interactive video support session for teams of up to 15

      Delivery:     A video conference call via Zoom or a similar platform
      Duration:     60-minutes
      Audience:    A team - up to 15 individuals
      Cost:            £380.00 per session


2. Mental health and resilience webinar for up to 150 employees

      Delivery:     A live webinar via Zoom or similar platform
      Duration:     60-minutes
      Audience:    Up to 150 individuals
      Cost:            £580.00 per webinar


About Us

We are a specialist provider of employee assistance programmes (EAPs) and mental health support services for employers, with 20 years of experience of supporting 1,000’s of employers of all sizes.

All our therapists are UK-based, fully trained and qualified to the British standards. They are registered members or accredited members of the BACP and/or UKCP.

We are here to help employers support the mental health and wellbeing of your staff in these unprecedented times.