Sector Case Study

Sustaining Healthcare Heroes with Dedicated EAP Services

In the critical and demanding realm of healthcare, Wellbeing Solutions has become an indispensable partner to over 25 organisations, including HCA International and Primary Care 24. Our specialised Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) provide vital support systems for healthcare professionals, addressing the sector's unique challenges and fostering a culture of care for caregivers.


Healthcare workers are at the forefront of delivering life-saving services, often under high stress and emotional toll. The demanding nature of healthcare, requiring long hours, exposure to patient suffering, and the pressure of high-stakes decision-making, can lead to burnout and mental fatigue.

Recognising the need for robust mental health support, Wellbeing Solutions tailors EAP services to bolster the resilience and wellbeing of those who heal others.

Challenges in the

Healthcare professionals face a host of challenges: 

Our EAP Approach

Our EAP solutions for the healthcare sector are designed with sensitivity to these challenges:


The EAP services have led to meaningful improvements in healthcare settings: 

Spotlight: HCA International 

A standout example of the positive impact of our EAP is seen at HCA International, where our support services have been integral to staff during particularly challenging times, ensuring that they can continue to provide compassionate end-of-life care without compromising their own mental health. 

Wellbeing Solutions recognises that the health of healthcare workers is paramount to the overall health of society.

Our EAP services are a testament to our commitment to the healthcare sector, providing a support system as reliable and compassionate as the professionals we serve.