Sector Case Study

Strengthening the backbone of Charities

Wellbeing Solutions champions the wellbeing of the philanthropic workforce, offering specialised Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) to over 50 charitable organisations. Our services provide support to entities such as Age UK and Peace Direct, addressing the unique challenges inherent in the charity sector.


The charity sector thrives on passion and commitment to causes that often confront society’s most pressing issues. This environment, while rewarding, can also place immense emotional and psychological demands on its workforce.

Recognising this, Wellbeing Solutions delivers EAPs tailored to the specific needs of non-profit organisations. 

Challenges in the

Charity workers frequently face high-stress situations due to:

Our EAP Approach

Understanding these unique pressures, Wellbeing Solutions crafted an EAP framework that prioritises the mental health and resilience of charity workers: 


Our EAP initiatives have been pivotal in fostering healthier work environments within the charity sector:

Spotlight: Silva Homes

Our work with Silva Homes, a charity dedicated to providing housing stability and supporting communities, exemplifies the value of EAP. Our services have been instrumental in supporting their staff through the emotional complexities of their advocacy, ensuring their team can continue their vital work without compromising their mental health.

The charity sector’s dedication to social good is underpinned by the wellbeing of its workforce. Wellbeing Solutions’ EAP services ensure that those who give so much can also receive the support they need, enabling them to continue their invaluable work with resilience and vigour.