Sector Case Study

Fortifying manufacturing resilience with proactive EAP services

Wellbeing Solutions extends its expertise to over 50 entities in the manufacturing sector, serving dynamic companies such as Bunzl Group and Utility Warehouse. Our tailored Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) provide crucial support to a workforce navigating the unique pressures of the manufacturing industry, promoting a robust, healthy, and productive work environment.


Workers in manufacturing contend with a distinctive set of challenges, from the physical demands of production lines to the mental rigors of maintaining precision under tight deadlines.

The sector’s fast-paced nature and focus on efficiency can often sideline the importance of employee mental health. Wellbeing Solutions’ EAPs are crafted to address these industry-specific needs, ensuring that mental health is given priority on the factory floor.

Challenges in the

Manufacturing personnel face various pressures, including:

Our EAP Approach

Our approach to supporting the manufacturing sector includes:


The implementation of our EAP services has led to significant benefits within the manufacturing sector:

Spotlight: Utility Warehouse

The partnership with Camira Fabrics illustrates the effectiveness of our EAP in a manufacturing setting.

Our services supported their workforce through the stressors of high-volume production periods, leading to a marked improvement in employee morale and a decrease in absenteeism.

In the manufacturing sector, the health of the workforce is crucial to maintaining operational excellence.

Wellbeing Solutions’ EAP services ensure that this vital sector’s backbone—its people—are supported in every aspect of their wellbeing, paving the way for a healthier, more efficient manufacturing environment.