Sector Case Study

Enhancing IT & Technology Workspaces with Targeted EAP Services

Wellbeing Solutions extends its expertise to the fast-paced IT & Technology sector, serving over 25 innovative organisations, including Anord Mardix and DAZN. Our Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) are tailored to meet the sector's unique demands, offering a supportive backbone to the brightest minds in tech.


The IT & Technology sector is characterised by rapid evolution, high competition, and continuous learning demands. These factors, while driving innovation, can create stressful environments for employees, who often face burnout, work-life imbalance, and the pressure to stay ahead of the technological curve.

Wellbeing Solutions provides EAP services that are as advanced and adaptable as the sector it serves.

Challenges in the

Professionals in this field encounter several challenges:

Our EAP Approach

To address these challenges, Wellbeing Solutions offers:


Our EAP initiatives have had a marked impact on the IT & Technology sector, leading to:

Spotlight: DAZN

Our partnership with DAZN illustrates the effectiveness of our EAP services in supporting their dynamic workforce.

We’ve provided them with tools to manage the stress of high-stakes project launches and the 24/7 demands of media coverage, ensuring their team remains resilient and productive.

In the IT & Technology sector, the mental health of the workforce is as crucial as their technical expertise.

Wellbeing Solutions’ EAP services ensure that the innovators and problem-solvers have the support they need to continue driving technological progress without sacrificing their wellbeing.