Sector Case Study

Empowering Local Authorities with Comprehensive EAP Solutions

In the realm of public service, Wellbeing Solutions stands as a crucial ally to over 25 local authorities, including Lancashire County Council and the London Borough of Haringey. Our bespoke Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) address the specific challenges faced by local government staff, promoting a healthier, more resilient workforce.


Local authorities operate at the heart of community service, dealing with complex, high-stakes issues that directly impact public life.

The staff in this sector bear significant responsibilities that can lead to heightened levels of stress and burnout. Wellbeing Solutions’ EAP services are designed to support these vital workers in fulfilling their roles effectively while maintaining their mental health.

Challenges in the

Public servants are often on the frontline, dealing with: 

Our EAP Approach

Our comprehensive EAP services for local authorities are crafted with precision to meet these challenges: 


The introduction of our EAP has led to significant improvements within local councils and authorities: 


Falkirk Council

A standout instance of our EAP’s impact is seen in our work with Lancashire County Council, where our rapid response and tailored support services provided the staff with the tools to navigate the pressures of local governance, particularly during times of increased community need. 

Wellbeing Solutions’ EAP offerings for local authorities deliver not just essential support but a foundation for enhanced community service.

By prioritising the wellbeing of those who serve, we help create a robust, capable, and dedicated public service workforce.