Sector Case Study

Empowering Compassionate Caregivers

Wellbeing Solutions has established itself as a pivotal force in enhancing the wellbeing of those in the social care sector. Serving over 250 organisations, including Radfield Home Care and Sue Ryder Care, we recognise the profound challenges faced by caregivers and the critical need for robust support systems. Our Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) offer a lifeline to these dedicated professionals.


The social care sector is characterised by its emotionally charged environment, where staff regularly confront stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue. The nature of caregiving demands a support system that is as responsive as it is empathetic.

Wellbeing Solutions stepped in to fill this gap, aiming to uplift those who spend their days uplifting others.

Challenges in the

Caregivers grapple with high demands and intense scenarios that can lead to significant emotional and mental strain. They often need immediate assistance to deal with the following: 

Our EAP Approach

Wellbeing Solutions designed an EAP model that addresses the specific needs of the social care sector:


The introduction of EAP services has led to measurable benefits within social care organisations:


Somerset Care, a notable success story is our partnership with Somerset Care, where our EAP services have been integral in supporting their staff through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring continuity of care and staff wellbeing during unprecedented times.

The EAP services provided by Wellbeing Solutions have become a cornerstone of support for the social care sector. By addressing the unique challenges faced by caregivers, our programmes ensure that those providing care can do so with a strong support system behind them, enhancing the quality of care across the board.