What makes us different?

What sets
Wellbeing Solutions

Discover the pillars that make us a standout choice in the realm of mental health services.

Our Journey 

Transforming lives
for over two decades

Launching our journey in 2001, we’ve been at the forefront of mental health services for over two decades.

With each passing year, our commitment and expertise have only deepened.

Rooted in
family values

Wellbeing Solutions isn’t just a business—it’s a family.

This means we don’t just serve clients, but communities, embracing a holistic approach to mental health that’s underpinned by genuine care.

True Specialists in Mental Health

As an independent mental health specialist organisation, we dive deeper than most. Our team continuously refines its expertise, ensuring we offer the most effective and responsive care.

Prioritising Care over Profit

For us, clinical best practices come before profit. We believe that by putting client and employee wellbeing first, we create lasting, impactful change for the customers we serve.

Crafting Bespoke Mental Health Solutions

Every organisation has its unique challenges. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, crafting tailored solutions that fit seamlessly with your needs.

Empowering with EAP Flexibility

Our EAP contract options are designed to adapt. From size to scope, we can adjust to ensure your organisation get the exact support it needs.

mental health service

While our EAP is a cornerstone, we also offer a spectrum of additional mental health services. This holistic approach ensures comprehensive coverage for all mental well-being needs.