Smart EAPs Involve HR

Traditional employee assistance programmes focus almost exclusively on employee self-referrals.  Whilst this will always be a core EAP feature, for many providers it prevents them from engaging with and effectively partnering with HR and line managers.  In too many cases, the EAP is an isolated stand-alone service, partially detached from the HR function.

Wellbeing Solutions believes that EAPs can be far more interactive, engaging and proactive in involving HR and managers.  Crucially, our innovative EAP model means that we are an integral part of your HR teams’ daily return-to-work and absence management activity.  We are fastidious about protecting employee confidentiality and anonymity, but this does not prevent us from engaging with HR to support a variety of wellbeing, return-to-work and absence management activities.

Our unique new style of EAP is called our HR Engagement EAP.  Our Account Managers (who have HR backgrounds) fully understand the challenges faced by employers and partner with organisations to effectively reduce stress-related sickness absence.  Wellbeing Solutions’ HR Engagement EAP model includes these innovative features;

  • Employment Issue Involvement

     If an employee’s contact with the EAP is work-related, with their consent we will proactively involve HR to assist with resolving the problem
  • Eyes & Ears Monitoring

     If an issue arises through the EAP that poses a risk to your organisation (legal, reputational, security or procedural), we will tell you about it whilst protecting confidentiality
  • Counselling Referral from HR

     Our streamlined HR-led referral system provides counselling assessments that mirror OH referrals and proactively deliver a return-to-work programme in cases of stress related absence. 

Contact us if you’d like more information about our HR Engagement EAP options: