The impact of Workplace Stress

In all workplace environments employee and team performance will often be in flux, with issues within or outside the office impacting on wellbeing. Factors influencing performance will inevitably have a variety of causes, however by far the most prominent is workplace stress.
As a manager in many cases you will be able to recognise these issues yourself however your ability to potentially address and resolve these matters can be limited due to the complex nature of many problems. As well as workplace linked stress, staff may be affected by external factors that are outside your control, such as emotional distress or mental health.  
If left unaddressed, such issues have the potential to lead to significant financial costs to your business through undue absence, poor performance, team disharmony and the potential for stress to impact upon other staff.
What a stressed employee may bring to your business:
• Poor team performance
• Long term absence
• Termination
• Recruitment costs
• Employee litigation
Whatever the cause of an employee’s concerns, Wellbeing Solutions Management can resolve workplace issues through our comprehensive range of services aimed at achieving an operational and cordial working environment.
Our 24/7 employee assistance programme can resolve issues faced in your business regarding workplace stress through telephone counselling, face to face counselling, legal advice, financial advice as well as numerous others means of resolving any potential issues your staff may face.
With Wellbeing Solutions Management’s employee assistance programme your business can focus on the core objectives it faces without having to worry about the disruption that a stressed employee may bring to your business.