If your organisation has an EAP in place already, when did you last “put it through a MOT” and market test its key features?

Consider the following questions below to see how your EAP compares:

  1. Does your EAP provider bench-mark your organisation’s usage and issue trend analysis with similar employers in your sector?
  1.  Are your employees all provided with an attractive and durable “credit card quality” plastic membership card that can be kept in a wallet to easily find when they need it?
  1. Does your EAP provide an HR-led management referral system of counselling assessments (that mirror OH referrals) and pro-actively delivers a return-to-work programme for stress related absence cases?
  1. Are your EAP staff communication posters personalised to your organisation – giving your employees a unique access code to log onto a comprehensive advice and information website?
  1. Does your EAP include an Eyes & Ears Monitoring service – where if an issue arises through the EAP that poses a risk to your organisation (legal, reputational, security or procedural), HR is informed?
  1. Does your EAP provider offer a pay as you go pricing contract, in addition to the industry standard pre-paid model? 

If you answered “no” to any of the questions, you might want to see how our class-leading EAP compares. Contact us today.